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Sa 18 Mai

Discount options

We have put together the best savings tips for you.

Early order discount

Early planning saves time and money
Up to 31th March 10% discount
on the net article sum, data entry until 30/04/2024 (exclusively in the Onlineshop).
To 30th June 7% discount on the net article sum, data entry until 31/07/2024
The delivery of the goods can be carried out later by arrangement. The invoice is created at the time of delivery. Important: print data to the order should be received by 30/04/2024 or 31/07/2024 with us so early order discount remains valid.

2-year special

Extra savings for those who plan in advance
If your advertising image will stay the same in the year after next and you order 2 years in advance, you will receive a 20% discount from us on your advertising printing.

Quantity mix discount

The same calendar model – different advertising images
Do you want to send three different advertising messages to your customers and still keep the same calendar model? If so, you do not need to make separate individual orders. Contact us and we will find the best possible price for your order.

Bulk volume discount

Our savings tip – round up the volume
Did you know? In general the price will be cheaper if you round up the quantity to the next higher level? You are better off ordering 500 calendars instead of 500, because then we will charge you the lower bulk price and you will also have more calendars available. You will find our bulk quantities in the online shop during the ordering process.