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Sa 18 Mai
Trend 3 Light

Trend 3 Light

The trendy design is characterised by its fresh typography and strong blue shade. It provides ideal support for your advertising print. In the Light version, the rear wall can be bound to the calendar blocks, giving a harmonious overall look. The 3-language option covers a wide range of customers.


Calendar German 3-language
  • D/GB/F
  • blue/black, Sunday and public holiday blue (Pantone 661 U)
  • 1st and 3rd month light grey
  • German public holidays in detail
  • Identification of standard national public holidays
     for A/CH/CZ/D/E/F/GB/I/NL/PL
  • Calendar tear-off pad top-glued
  • Back corrugated to be folded three times
  • Postage-optimised for B4 format
  • Metal hanging eye
  • Red, pre-mounted date indicator, special colours on request
Options Print finish
  • Print coating
  • UV spot coating
  • Film lamination
  • Suitable individual packaging available
  • Calendar inserted in individual packaging (EVP)


Format 30,0 x 70,0 cm open
30,0 x 14,0 cm Calendar block
Shipping format 30,0 x 17,6 cm
Advertising printing 30,0 x 17,6 cm Header
30,0 x 3,6 cm Stege
30,0 x 3,2 cm Footer
30,0 x 14,0 cm Advertising pages/Design sheet
Bleed 3 mm circumference
Printing process Offset printing
Paper Calendar block 80 g/m² Offset printing paper
Back panel coated FBB board (GC)
advertising pages 80 g/m² Offset printing paper
Design sheet 135g/m² art paper matt
Individual packaging
EVP 04 Corrugated cardboard envelope brown / 35 x 25 cm
EVP 51 Flat corrugated cardboard envelope white / 30,5 x 18,5 x 1,5 cm (Hint)